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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Closing in on 10k

Mar,8-421,March9-235 total 8256
Getting closer to the 10,000 goal. Lost a little more weight, down to 201. We have one of those tanita bodyfat scales and my percentage of bodyfat is improving a bit as well. At Christmas I was hovering between 24-25% bf. Now I am hoovering around 21%. Really not a healthy percentage of bodyfat. Not quite at the point where people walking down to street would think -"it looks like that guy must do about 300 push ups a day". More like " I wonder how many donuts that guy eats".

Constuction is almost complete on the new Ronald McDonald House Southern Alberta. We should actually be moving families in come mid April. The facility is fantastic. We are working on having a virtual tour made for our website so people who have used the old house (or will be coming to the new house) can see how it looks. The new House has lots of features ( library, fitness area, craft room etc) that we don't have in the current/old house.

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