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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

300 to 500 reps on average

Nov/8-60, Nov/10-487, Nov/12-168, Nov/13-144, Nov 17-342, Nov 18-262, Nov/20-328, Nov/21-442,Nov/22-465, Nov 23-403

total push ups/chins 451,381

I figured this was a pretty good time for an update as it has been a couple of weeks. I am trying to do chin ups and push ups every day but the reality is sometimes life gets a little busy. The last few days have been pretty good for numbers and consistency. I have been doing about a half hour each morning of chin ups and push ups before I go to work. I have been aiming for between 300 and 400 reps. I find that if I average about 300 chins or push ups a day- I notice a difference. When I look in the mirror I can tell that I have been working out. In the past when I have been averaging about 500 reps a day -that is when other people start to notice a difference and ask me if I have been doing something different or have been working out more. Usually in the morning I get up an make my own special concoctions. I fill a one liter drinking bottle with water and throw in some creatine and BCAAs. I sip this between super-sets of chins and push ups. If you want to know why I am using these two supplements you can click the link below and I will explain it in this video. Anyway I am going to try to average closer to 500 a day, it is nicer to notice the difference yourself- but other people making comments is kind of nice too. 

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Another week of progress

Nov/3-375, Nov/4-400, Nov/5-150, Nov/6-300, Nov/7-55

Total push ups/chins 448,280

Well it hasn't quite been a week since I last posted but I figured I was due for an update. Things have been fairly busy at work but for the most part I am getting my chin ups or push ups done by getting up earlier. This gets them done and out of the way before you get too busy or are too tired or lazy at the end of the day. In general this has worked pretty well for me, except the odd time were I have a really early morning meeting. I have had a couple of those in the last two weeks , so it seems really tough to get up at 4am to do push ups. Anyway still making steady progress towards the goal of one million push ups/chins. 

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Assisted Levers and Lever Pull ups

Oct 29-402, Nov 2 - 150

total push ups/chins 447,000

        I threw up another video of another variation of an exercise I like to do. Again I usually do this in addition to my regular push ups and chins ( that is I don'tr count reps of this exercise in my total).Levers are a great exercise as they work the core as well as really working the back. The advantage of this exercise over regular pull ups is that in chins or pull ups the arms/ biceps are the weaker muscle in the chain. They tend to fail before you can fully burn out the lats or back muscles. With the levers you almost eliminate the arms from the exercise and completely stress the back muscles. The down side of levers or lever pull ups is that they are a little harder to do, therefore an assisted variation can help you build up your strength for this movement. Using bands can give you a little extra momentum needed to get in a few reps. I can do levers and lever chin ups but I can't do a lot of reps so I like doing an assisted variation so I can get some higher rep sets completed.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Weekly post and Accountability Check in

Oct/24-180, Oct/26-409, Oct/27-484 ,Oct/28-330

Total Push Ups/chins 446,448

 Seemed like time for an update-just so you know how I am doing working my way towards a million. Not to mention if I stop posting I really won't be keeping myself all that accountable. In a way posting on this blog keeps me feeling like I have to log a couple hundred chin ups or push ups because you will be reading this. Someone asked me if push ups and chins ups were getting a little boring. The truth is I do a number of variations of both. For the most part I am doing shoulder width push ups and reverse grip chins, but I also do wide grip and narrow grip. My rule is I only count the reps towards the total if the exercise is at least as hard (or harder) than regular chins and push ups. I really gauge if an exercise is harder or easier based on how many reps I can do. For example I can do quite a few more bench dips than I can do in a set of push ups, so I wouldn't count bench dip reps in my total. This doesn't mean I don't do some of these exercises. Doing some exercises that are different -even if they are a little different keeps my daily workouts from getting boring. Below is a video of one of those easier variations that I might throw in to keep things interesting.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Getting into a routine


Total push ups/chins 445,045

The last few days I have been settling into a routine of getting some chins and some push ups done each day. Of course now that I am blogging about it I may have just jinxed myself, but let's knock on wood and assume I am just going to keep pounding out a few hundred each day. I have been getting up a little earlier for work each day this week and making sure I do about a half hour of chin ups and push ups before I have a shower. We have a home gym down stairs and we have a freestanding chin up bar downstairs but I am not even going down to the home gym. I just throw the doorway chin up bar up in upstairs. I don't want any reason not to get started-it's too cold downstairs, I don't want to bother going down to the gym-nope-no excuses -just get it done. For the most part I have been super setting sets of push ups with a set of pull ups or chins then I rest for 30 seconds to a minute. I vary the rest times between sets each day-sometimes I do more than one superset together. I might do 10 or 20 push ups then immediately go to the bar and and do 3 or 4 pull-ups , drop to the floor do ten more push ups and stand up to 3 more chins. I might keep pairing sets like this until I have done a total of 50 -60 push ups and 9-15 chins. After these sort of giant sets I will usually rest a minute. If I am only doing one super set I will usually only rest 30 seconds. Anyway all this writing about push ups makes me think I better go pound out today's. Off I go.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Fit Bit Surge

Oct/13-448, Oct 14-492, Oct 15-937, Oct 17th-528, Oct 18th 508

total push ups/chins 442,856

          In a way part of my interest in doing a million push ups and chins is related to an interest in keeping in shape- or fighting against the bodies ( or my bodies) tendency to age. In and earlier post I talked about some of the on-line tools I use to help with my fitness efforts. I think I included the fit bit app- but really the fit bit surge is the complementary wearable tool that collects the data. Before the Surge was available in Canada I had done a good deal of research about it. One of the most attractive features of the Surge is that it calculates heart rate without one of those cumbersome straps around your chest. Most people are not going to wear these straps all day long -so the Surge has an advantage that it can calculate your heart rate and calories burned all day long- not just when you are exercising. If you want to see how the device does this go check on the specs on the company website: .
        I like the fact that the device accurately calculates how many calories you burn each day while exercising and while at rest. I mentioned before that I use the myfitnesspal app to calculate calories in versus out. The nice thing about the fitbit app is that it will allow you to calculate your calories eaten versus calories burned. It will also allow you to automatically sync with an app like myfitnesspal, so when it syncs it automatically populates calorie burned data into your myfitnesspal. The watch and app have a number of cool features such as daily or weekly tracking of steps, kilometers travel weight change, average sleep duration and more. If you want to learn a little more about the watch and the app, check the link about. If you are looking for one more reason to consider the app consider my experience with the company described in the video below.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Slump busting

Oct/5-430, Oct/6-209, Oct7-52

Total push ups/chin ups 439,943

        I have fallen into a slump in terms of push ups and pull ups. Until today I hadn't done any push ups/chins since the 7th. I did get up early this morning and pound out a few hundred push ups and I am planning on doing some push ups and chins tonight as well. I am determined to get back on the wagon.  Anyway not going to beat myself up about this -just going to get back to business.