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Friday, February 5, 2016

Jan/10-60, Jan/11-75, Jan/ 12-125, Jan 16-100, Jan/17-60, Jan 18-75, Jan 19-75, Jan 20-100, Jan/22-60, Jan 24-75, Jan/26- 100, Jan/ 27-300, Jan/ 28- 65, Jan 31-75, Feb10- 675, Feb/2- 491, Feb/ 3-637,Feb /4 - 325.

total push ups/chins 458,947

          Well I haven't posted in a little while, so it was time for  bit of catch up with the push up and chin up numbers. January wasn't a month for big numbers. As I mentioned early my wife and I have been going to the field house most nights for a run. Each lap we are doing 10 push ups, then some sets of burpees maybe some crunches, sets of ball slams whatever. Anyway this has made for some great workouts but there is no chin up bar at the field house and we usually do some other exercises besides push ups. Most nights I have been doing only 3 or 4 sets of push ups. I did decide that I should push the numbers up a little bit on a daily basis. 
          I have mentioned on this blog before that I seem to get a transformational effect on my body when I do at least 300 push ups and or chins a day. It doesn't seem to matter so much how the mix of push ups to chins is as long as I am hitting that magic number each day. So some days it is 60 chins, or 100 and the rest of the reps being push ups. Often these sets are not necessarily big rep sets either. Most days I will do sets of 10 push ups super-setted with sets of 3 reps of chins or pull ups. I will rest 30 seconds to a minute between sets. If I am in a rush and I want to get my reps in for the day I might do some 30 rep or 20 rep sets of push ups. Since the beginning of February I have been trying to get 300 to 500 reps a day. This will be my goal for the whole month -to get these reps in every day. I am going to keep going to the field house each  day in the evenings and I might get another 60- to 100 reps of push ups in on these intervals. But each morning I am getting up and trying to get at least 300 in first thing. That way if I get ambitious anything else I do in terms of push ups or chins will be a bonus.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Dec 9-325, Dec 11,-160,Dec 12-260, Dec 14-275, Dec 15,300,Jan 3-100, Jan 4-95, Jan 5-350,Jan 6-81, Jan 8 -260

total push ups/chins 455,474

Well I though I was overdue for an update. Over due for two reasons. The first reason was I was slacking off a little bit before the Christmas season. Second reason I am back on the wagon and have a few more reasons to push ups the push up/chin up numbers.There is a field House a little ways down the highway from us. Cathy and I have taken to going there most days to run some laps. The track is 250 meters or for my American friends that is pretty close to 250 yards. Cathy and I have been doing laps followed by a set of ten push ups. We might do this for four rounds and then do sets of burpees. This almost daily activity has got me back into doing push ups at least, and of course if we are doing burpees with a push up, which we usually do-I count those as well. The second reason that I really need to up my chin ups and push ups is I may do an Obstacle course race in August. One of the OCR promoters has chosen our charity as one of the charities you can raise pledge funds for while you do their event. I figure running the event will be a way to raise a little extra money for our charity and to create some awareness. The event here in the city has 20 obstacles. I did Tough Mudder the September before last and I know that in addition to lots of running -doing lots of push ups and chins really were important to get me ready. This event is a sprint event (5Km) but it has as many obstacles as a longer race- so the push ups and chins might be even more important in the preparation as the running. 

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Almost half a million

Nov/24-416, Nov/25-320, Dec/1-254, Dec/5-180, Dec 7-240 ,Dec/8-377

total push ups/chins 453,368

This morning I was excited when I decided to do this update post and realized how close I was getting to a half a million push ups and chins. I was getting ready to pledge to get to a half a million by Christmas, but then I stopped and did the math. If I was going to get to a half a million by December 25th I would need to do over 2743 push ups or chin ups by Christmas - I am not sure i have that in me. Nonetheless at this rate I should hit half a million early in the New Year- that is pretty good right? Anyway I am determined to try to consistently hit some good numbers so that i hit the 500,000 mark before we hit spring. Around work we are always having volunteer bakers making treats or having our supporters show up with chocolate and treats around this time of year- so I certainly can use all the physical exercise I can get. Right now I am doing about 30 minutes of supersets of push ups and chin ups most mornings. So of the days that I am posting slightly lower daily totals I am doing bur-pees super-setted with chin ups or pull ups. I am doing burpees ( yes like everyone else I hate burpees too- but they are a great full body conditioning exercise)  some days to keep things interesting , and of course I am doing burpees with a push up.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

300 to 500 reps on average

Nov/8-60, Nov/10-487, Nov/12-168, Nov/13-144, Nov 17-342, Nov 18-262, Nov/20-328, Nov/21-442,Nov/22-465, Nov 23-403

total push ups/chins 451,381

I figured this was a pretty good time for an update as it has been a couple of weeks. I am trying to do chin ups and push ups every day but the reality is sometimes life gets a little busy. The last few days have been pretty good for numbers and consistency. I have been doing about a half hour each morning of chin ups and push ups before I go to work. I have been aiming for between 300 and 400 reps. I find that if I average about 300 chins or push ups a day- I notice a difference. When I look in the mirror I can tell that I have been working out. In the past when I have been averaging about 500 reps a day -that is when other people start to notice a difference and ask me if I have been doing something different or have been working out more. Usually in the morning I get up an make my own special concoctions. I fill a one liter drinking bottle with water and throw in some creatine and BCAAs. I sip this between super-sets of chins and push ups. If you want to know why I am using these two supplements you can click the link below and I will explain it in this video. Anyway I am going to try to average closer to 500 a day, it is nicer to notice the difference yourself- but other people making comments is kind of nice too. 

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Another week of progress

Nov/3-375, Nov/4-400, Nov/5-150, Nov/6-300, Nov/7-55

Total push ups/chins 448,280

Well it hasn't quite been a week since I last posted but I figured I was due for an update. Things have been fairly busy at work but for the most part I am getting my chin ups or push ups done by getting up earlier. This gets them done and out of the way before you get too busy or are too tired or lazy at the end of the day. In general this has worked pretty well for me, except the odd time were I have a really early morning meeting. I have had a couple of those in the last two weeks , so it seems really tough to get up at 4am to do push ups. Anyway still making steady progress towards the goal of one million push ups/chins. 

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Assisted Levers and Lever Pull ups

Oct 29-402, Nov 2 - 150

total push ups/chins 447,000

        I threw up another video of another variation of an exercise I like to do. Again I usually do this in addition to my regular push ups and chins ( that is I don'tr count reps of this exercise in my total).Levers are a great exercise as they work the core as well as really working the back. The advantage of this exercise over regular pull ups is that in chins or pull ups the arms/ biceps are the weaker muscle in the chain. They tend to fail before you can fully burn out the lats or back muscles. With the levers you almost eliminate the arms from the exercise and completely stress the back muscles. The down side of levers or lever pull ups is that they are a little harder to do, therefore an assisted variation can help you build up your strength for this movement. Using bands can give you a little extra momentum needed to get in a few reps. I can do levers and lever chin ups but I can't do a lot of reps so I like doing an assisted variation so I can get some higher rep sets completed.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Weekly post and Accountability Check in

Oct/24-180, Oct/26-409, Oct/27-484 ,Oct/28-330

Total Push Ups/chins 446,448

 Seemed like time for an update-just so you know how I am doing working my way towards a million. Not to mention if I stop posting I really won't be keeping myself all that accountable. In a way posting on this blog keeps me feeling like I have to log a couple hundred chin ups or push ups because you will be reading this. Someone asked me if push ups and chins ups were getting a little boring. The truth is I do a number of variations of both. For the most part I am doing shoulder width push ups and reverse grip chins, but I also do wide grip and narrow grip. My rule is I only count the reps towards the total if the exercise is at least as hard (or harder) than regular chins and push ups. I really gauge if an exercise is harder or easier based on how many reps I can do. For example I can do quite a few more bench dips than I can do in a set of push ups, so I wouldn't count bench dip reps in my total. This doesn't mean I don't do some of these exercises. Doing some exercises that are different -even if they are a little different keeps my daily workouts from getting boring. Below is a video of one of those easier variations that I might throw in to keep things interesting.