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Saturday, March 3, 2007

Record for a day

Mar/2-600, total 6773
Six hundred chin ups and push ups in a day-that is a daily record for me. It took an hour and ten minutes to do 600. Actually it was two 35 minute workouts, one in the morning and one in the evening. I am not what you would call incredibly "fit" or anything-a little obsessive or persistant mostly-however the almost daily push ups/chin ups seem to be having a bit of a positive effect. When I started I could barely do 5 chin up -now I can do nine for the first set. That 9 quickly becomes sets of 6,5 and4. Yesterday I posted that I was down to 203. Last night I had KFC and bounced back up to 206. I have one of those Tanita body fat scales and it says may percentage of bodyfat is exactly the same as yesterday. So theorectically the weight change is lean muscle as opposed to fat-if the % stays the same. However it seems a little hard to believe that I gained three or more pounds of muscle in one day. The scale is really sensitive and fluctuates a lot -so I will see if the weight stablizes tommorrow or if my one night KFC binge did that much damage ( and the percentage of body fat will go up tommorrow).

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