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Sunday, June 10, 2007


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I had been telling myself I would never get one of those Blackberry's. Who needs to be that accessable-I thought. I have been working with the Edmonton RMH as well as the Calgary home for a couple of weeks. A few board members suggested I get one to keep up with both houses now that I was on the road so much. Co-workers have already started to refer to it as my"Crackberry". In some ways I can't believe I lived without it. However it does bring out your most anti social tendencies. I find myself wanting to answer emails as I am driving-clearly if talking on your cell phone is not safe-trying to type with two thumbs can't win any safety awards. The thing kind of does away with the need to talk face to face with people. You are sitting talking with someone-should be giving them your undivided attention right? Then the darn thing begins to vibrate-you just have to see who has sent you an email. Before you know it you are texting back while the person sitting accross from you-wonders if you were such a jerk before you bought a blackberry. Of course you really start to know who the type "a"s in your work and social circle are. Most Mondays when I go into work I have a lot of emails to respond to. I never really pay much attention to the date and time when emails are sent-but with the BlackBerry the thing hums at 2AM or all weekend long. I assume my friends and co-workers think I am the type A because I feel the urge to email right back.

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