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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

One leg push ups

Dec 7-1000,dec 8-1000,dec 9-1000
total push ups/chins
weight 191 bf% 19.2
Well I am putting together a small string of 1000 push up/chins per day. I have 10,149 push ups/chins to do to hit the quarter of a million mark before New Years. That works out to about 461 per day. Knock on wood-should be able to make it. Doing a thousand push ups and chins a day (not a thousand each-total) is not hurting my weight or percentage of bodyfat at all. 1000 in a row is a bit of a challenge. I am getting up early in the morning and doing about 400 before work. I might do the odd set of 30 through out the day gtg style ( if you don't know what gtg is go to the dragondoor site). After dinner I am doing another workout and finishing off the 1000. Mostly I have been doing sets of regular chins and regular push ups but throwing in some wide chins/push ups or some one legged push ups ( like the photo to the left) to keep boredom from setting in.

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