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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Transformation Super Challenge

total push ups/chins 253,421
weight 191.8 bf%20.4
I found this blog called the Transformation Super Challenge:
The blog has a fitness test/challenge that has a top score of 300 points. Pretty easy test-three measurements of fitness,each worth a maximum of 100 points. First up is chins. Each chin ups is worth 5 points. Second test is push ups -each push up you do is worth 2 points.The third test is a 3 mile run. Every minute over 18 minutes that it takes you to complete a 3 mile run subtracts 6 points from the maximum score of 100. Go to the site for specific description of the form and scoring-but basically this is the deal. Well I had to try it just to figure out how fit I was. I have been doing lots of chins and push ups for a while now. Well I wasn't thrilled when I only scored 104 out of a possible 300. On the push ups and chins (and I did them pretty strict) I did fairly well. The really poor score came on the run. It took me so long I got a 0 out of a possible 100. Clearly I need to do a little more cardio.


CTC said...

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LarryMat said...

Nice website-thanks for the tip