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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Tendency to Hibernate

Dec 1-1112,dec2-230,dec3-370,dec6-770,dec7 -271
total push ups/chins 337,305
weight 196.8 bf 20.1%
I think there must be some type of legitimate phenomonum in which - winter is paired with putting on a layer of fat for humans. You know the way bears put on fat before they hibernate-to keep them warm through out the winter. I don't know Canadian winters some how all I want to do is eat and sleep- or fly to the tropics I suppose. There has to be some biological connection or some survival gene that just makes us want to eat and sleep until the sun comes out again. Okay really this is probably just some lazy ass excuse to explain why this weeks push up/ chin up numbers were not quite as good as last week. Tonight I will rock -the push ups. Time to make up for this weeks low numbers.

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