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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Dive Bomber and Wide Push Ups with a Stretch

Feb 9-255,Feb 100-245

total push ups/chins 385,331

These little units have become my new best friends lately. Yesterday I did multiple sets of dive bomber push ups on these and the day before it was sets of ten of wide push ups. They are the Tony Horton push ups bars you can buy on the Beachbody site. I am not trying to sell the things or anything- but they don't slip or move when you are using them. They are a lot more sturdy then some of the push ups bars I have had in the past and they are quite tall. Being tall means you get a great stretch when you go deep into a wide push ups. You seriously don't need push up bars to get the benefit out of push ups but it does add some variety which keeps the workout interesting. And that keeps you consistantly working out every day-right?

If you do want to check them out I will post the link below:

Tony Horton Power Stands

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