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Sunday, February 25, 2007


Feb/22-274, Feb/23-300, total so far 4406. I kind of made it sound above like I just did a bunch of chins ups and push ups and lost 60 pounds. That is sort of the story-but I should add one thing. I started tracking what I was eating on I figured there is a whole lot of nutritional information out there and every diet guru tells you something different makes the critical difference. I figured at some level-if you burn 3500 more calories than you eat-you loss a pound-end of story. Everyday I just tried to make sure I had burned more calories than I had eaten. I wanted to eat better-but I knew I still was going to have fast food and junk. Usually at least once or twice a week I would blow it and take in more calories than I burned-but on average each week I burned more than I ate.

By the way -I posted the RMHSA website. We are building a new Ronald McDonald House in Calgary... There are some cool pictures of the progress on the website. 30,000 square feet-it is a monster but it still looks like home.

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