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Saturday, February 24, 2007

One Million Push Ups
I want to do one million push ups. Well really one million push ups and chins ups. I figure I should do some chins ups so I don’t develop some sort of imbalance or rotor cuff injury or something. The goal could take me ten years to accomplish-but as they say the journey of a thousand miles; starts with a step.

Why would I want to do this? A couple of reasons I guess:

1) I thought I would try to do it as a sort of fundraiser for Ronald McDonald House Southern Alberta. So if you want to help me you can send me a pledge. If you send me $25 or $100 the first 25 or 100 push ups that day will be pledged to you, and I will mention your name and pledge on my blog. God bless you if you send RMHSA a thousand bucks- however I will be doing a lot of push ups that day. Don’t send me the cheques directly. You can go onto the website at

Either send the cheques to the mailing address or use your credit card to make an online donation. Remember in the comment line to say “push up blog” so I know it is a pledge.
2) Well like most North American adults-I could stand to lose a bit of weight. A couple of years ago I had a job that had a lot of travel. Lots of meals on the road or at restaurants. Over the period of three years I put on 60 pounds. When I left the job I spent about a year taking the weight off. I tried every kind of workout you could imagine. The only thing that really worked was really simple. I found a copy of a Navy Seals workout book. Pretty soon I lost interest in the running and swimming parts, but I kept doing the calisthenics. Essentially it was hundreds of push ups, crunches and chin ups. Fast forward a couple of years and I had found another job with its own special kind of industrial hazard. For almost two years I have been the Executive Director of Ronald McDonald House Southern Alberta. RMHSA is a great place to work for so many reasons; however we have this little hazard. We have a few volunteer bakers and some groups who come in to make family dinners for the families staying at RMHSA. We love these groups and volunteers. There is nothing that makes a house feel like a home more than the smell of baking bread or cookies. We always have fresh cookies, squares or loafs sitting on the island. By Christmas of this year I was up to 224 pounds from the 195 that I weighed when I started the job. Starting to see a pattern? Well anyway for the most part I have sworn off the cookies- (I still have the occasional lemon square) and started doing push ups and chin ups everyday. It is starting to work –I am down to 206. Goal is to be back down to 195 or maybe just a little less. In February I started counting and recording the push ups/chin ups. Here’s the progress so far:Feb/10-475
21 -301
Total so far 3832. Compared to a million –it seems like a single step.

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