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Thursday, March 29, 2007

how to look like the guys in 300

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I have been using to try to make sure I burn a few more calories than I take in each day. The whole thing becomes a little obsessive ( I guess trying to do a million push ups would fit under the obsessive category as well)-tracking everthing you eat and then trying to burn off those calories. Nice thing about the website is it will calculate things like yard work and house work. It gives a little more incentive to be helpful around the house. It's not like if I am vaccuming or changing the laundry-I am thinking "I bet this is how those guys in the movie 300 got ready for filming" or anything-However it does make you feel a little less guilty about the chocolate chip cookie you just woofed down.

Phil who started the website one million push ups-posted a comment on my blog. It was his website that got me thinking about doing this. I will try to create a link to his website, but just in case I can' figure it out- his website is

The guy is amazing -he is closing in on a half a million push ups

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