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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Street Hockey

Apr22-316,Apr23-175,Apr24-222,Apr25-0,Apr26-125,Apr27-200,Apr28-25, total 16762

We had our big street hockey tournament this weekend. This tournament is Cassie Campbell's brainchild and each year she hosts it for RMHSA. Cassie had been a volunteer at the house-a few years back she came to the board and presented the idea of doing a tournament as a fundraiser for the house. She told them we could maybe raise 10,ooo bucks for the house. Boy was she ever wrong-last year after expenses it raised over $209,000 for the house. This year Cassie invited Mr. Hockey to be her special guest at the tournament. What a nice guy, Gordie Howe is 80 but the guy still shakes you hand with a grip that could crush a beer can. Gordie spent a lot more time than he had promised taking photos with kids and thier parents at the Family festival on Saturday. Henry Burris quarterback for the Stampeder's played in the celebrity game-another really nice guy. A very articulate well mannered man. The guy is so socially engaging -his personna is like his personal job is to make sure everyone around him has a great time. There is more infomation on our website about the event. Thanks again to the organizing committee and to Cassie who work year round to make this event a great weekend for all the players and the sponsors.

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