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Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Adding some squats

push ups/chins Apr29-260,Apr30-335,May1-380 total 17737
squats May1-400 total 400

I have decided that a slightly more rounded program is in order. I am going to do a million hindu squats or deep knee bends as they were refered to in High School P.E. class. Hindu squats sounds a little racially insensitive and politically incorrect. Even though they are refered to as hindu squats on the internet- from now on I will just refer to them as squats. The squats get my heart rate up and the breathing going. Sets of 30 to 50 are not to hard. I figure this will burn a few more calories and get some lower body fitness happening.

The push ups don't seem to be making me drop any significant weight. I was down to around 200 -now I am back to hovering around 208. My percentage of bodyfat is staying in the same place so I suppose that means I have gained lean body mass. So overall not a bad thing.

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