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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Birthday challenge

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I came across Todd Mei's birthday challenge on He wanted to be able to do 700 pull ups in an hour. Every 30 secs he did 5 or 6 chin ups for the duration of an hour. Seemed simple enough I had to try it. Started doing 5 or 6 chins every thirty seconds. The sets soon became sets of 2 or 3 reps and as I got close to the half hour mark it was sets of 1 every thirty seconds. I called it quits after half an hour- did 112 chins. Not bad -but I don't think the people at guiness will be waiting on the line. Well my birthday is August 1st-gotta tke a run at this one 700 chins in an hour. After a little internet surfing I found that the book of alternative records quotes that the world record for push ups in an hour is 3877 held by Bijender Singh(1988). I will have to test how many push ups I can do in an hour- I am pretty sure it won't be around 3000. The one hour record for chins is held by Stephen Hyland at 767 in one hour.

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