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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Record for an Hour

June 18-100,June 19-170,June 23-63,June 24-208, total 25,465

I had to take a go at seeing how many chins I could do in an hour. As last time I only made it a half hour or so -I started out with sets of 3 and the down to sets of 2 for most of the one hour block.. I did them similar to Todd's record only instead of doing a set every 30 seconds ,I would do a set ,rest 30 seconds then do another set for the duration of the hour. I was able to do 170 chin ups in the hour. Making 700 is going to take a little bit of work. I wouldn't say I was fresh at the end of the hour, but I could probably push a little more and do more than 17o next time. This time (unlike the last trial) I made sure every chin up was over the bar-that is I made sure to raise my chin over the bar each time. So I guess that made this trial a little harder. Not bad considering this.

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