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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Ironman Canada

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We were off in Penticton for Ironman Canada. My son in law was running his first full length Ironman-he did great. Managed to keep up the push ups here and there. If you've never seen an Ironman live-it is quite the inspiration. Our daughter Steph did IM Canada last year and it is amazing there are people in their late 70's completing these things. I figured this year as-I'd already seen it once -some of the awe would wear off- but it didn't. There are some incredibly fit looking people doing the race- but I tell you there are many many people that to look at them on the street you would never guess they could do the whole course. Some of the finishers are out there for 16 hours of non stop physical activity. It is kind of a no excuses experience- when you see lots of people in their 50's, 60's and seventies out there- and people that are overweight-finishing that course-there aren't a lot of excuses left.


Jack Bravo said...

I've always wanted to do ironman myself, but I never got around to the daily aerobic activity. I did think seriously about sprint triathlons though. :)

LarryMat said...

Hey Jack
Me neither- Always thought I'd like to do an IM-but the training commitment is a little steep with a job -wife kids and mortgage-however the one million push ups thing-seems like something few people will do-would want to do I suppose. I checked out Ryan's blog-am looking forward to more posts-how's the baby?

Jack Bravo said...

As am I. Baby is doing well - eats a lot, and poops even more, which makes me think he's actually generating poop from thin air.

I like your persistence theme. It makes me motivated. A lot of people tell me that 1000 non-stop push ups is essentially impossible for the lay man (i.e. me), but they don't know my secret weapon: time! Keep up the good work on the blog...and of course the push ups.

Here's something else I found recently. If you like to keep track of your push ups on a spreadsheet, you can do it in google docs. You can then take that spreadsheet and have it post on your blog in an iframe, and it will update automatically each time you update the spreadsheet. I haven't done yet myself, but I thought you might find it useful since you're keeping tabs of your total push ups.

Never give up, never surrender! ;)