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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Congrats Jack Bravo

Aug 13-17- 1156,Aug 18-253, Aug 19-203 total 34413

Congratulations to Jack Bravo from 1000 push ups -Jack had his baby son , born on Sunday, August 5, 2007. He is 7lbs 8oz.

Keep going with the goal Jack-go for the first birthday

Was away all week at a conference in Chicago. The push ups kind of suffered. Off on holidays tommorrow so hopefully will keep up the efforts.
For the Southern Alberta House we had a Rock and Roll Run,had over 500 runners not bad for a first race. The final numbers should be in tommorrow but it looks like we will raise a bit of money for operations. We had a great volunteer/staff committee working on our first run. The house got a lot of exposure on the race which is also really helpful in future fundraising efforts and our ability to attract more high calibre volunteers like we have now. Three television stations were at the race and will run segments tonight and tommorrow. One paper and one radio station were also in attendance. Ronald McDonald did his Go Active presentation and we had a GO ACTIVE 1km family walk in addition to the 5km and 10km races. It was a good fundraising week for the Alberta RMHs . At the Chicago conference RMHC global gave the Edmonton House a 300k cheque for the big house expansion we are embarking on.

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Jack Bravo said...

Thanks so much!!;) And thanksfor the encouragement. Glad to see you're still going strong on your push ups!