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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Men's Health Fit

Push-ups/chin ups Aug 10-145,Aug 11-548 total 32801

This months Men's Health Magazine has an article " Are you Men's Health Fit". It lists five exercises and asks you how you stack up on each. To be Men's Health fit you have to be able to do over 49 push ups, 9 chin ups and 5 single leg squats. The other two tests you can find on their website-as I don't know what my one set max is on these other two tests. According to Men's Health I stack up on average on all three of these tests. Generally I can do sets of 25 to 30 on push ups, sets of 5 on chins and sets of two on pistol (one legged squats). Well something to aim for I guess.


Jack Bravo said...

That's very interesting. I used to subscribe to Men's Health and have been thinking about doing so again recently. I like their little fitness challenges. Sounds like men's health fit is a good one.

arun said...

Men's health magazine is a very good health magazine.There should be a health insurance plans magazine like this one.

devises said...
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