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Sunday, September 23, 2007


Sept 17-362,Sept18-171,Sept 19-110,Sept20-249,Sept21-135,Sept 22-719, total -42,032

Found an article on the internet in which the author has a slightly different view than the author below.I suggested on my blog that I believed I could eat from the McDonalds menu for 90 days and lose weight. This author actually tried it-for thirty days anyway,and she lost both weight(6 pounds) and percentage of bodyfat ( a little over 1%).Jody Peckich in her article says:"Even though I am a fan of a more moderate approach to diet and exercise, I felt compelled to commit to this challenge for 30 days, too. I wanted to prove that fast food doesn't necessarily make us fat; rather, it's the choices we make over time that impact our health! We need to accept personal responsibility for those choices. " The link to her article is below-still think I could do 90 days.

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