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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Superman push ups

Sept 23-245,Sept24-420,sept25-100,sept26-350,sept28-215,sept29-538 total 43,900

Phil 412,720 - Larry-43,900
I was checking out Phil B's blog- This was the site that got me going on this idea to do a million push ups. Thought I would create a little more urgency for myself in reaching the goal. Phil is way up there almost a a half a million. I think maybe I will try to see if I can catch up to Phil. I am about a tenth of the distance to the one million that Phil is but I think I will see if I can close the gap. Phils site says his 10 day average is about 153 push ups. So I will just try to make sure I am averaging over 153 per day.

The TRX trainer my kids got me for my birthday finally arrived. Got to try it out last night.It is awesome-feels like you are training a whole new set of muscles. Doing push ups while suspended,trying to keep your core straight is a whole new kind of challenge. You can do these Superman Push ups on it.Or I should say the fitness models in the demo dvd can do superman push ups. They are kind of like a handstand push up-I can barely get myself into the air into the starting position, and maybe do a half of a push up. Oh well one more goal. The TRX box says it will turn you into a machine-if I can master the Superman push up -I will surely be a machine.


Million said...

Hi Larry,

Actually the average is the overall average since I started, not just the last 10 days. I took the average off the page for a while because it's now under 150 which is kinda embarrassing for me. I did keep the how many I did the past 10 days however.


Million said...

Oh, and one more thing, my site is millionpushups, not onemillionpushups. You have the link correct in the post, but the text is wrong.