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Saturday, October 13, 2007

9 chins

oct,6-345,oct7-767,oct8-226,oct9-174,oct 13-425 total 46,866

Phil 413,300-Larry 46,866

As you can see on the posting on the entry below-Phil is back at the push ups after suffering a shoulder injury. I am not doing so great on the catch up trail after missing three days in a row. Oh well my shoulders probably needed the rest. I messed up on the link to Phil's site on the post below (should be million push ups not one million). The link to the right is correct. Earlier I talked about the "are you Men's Health Fit? '" challenge. I tested myself again on a couple of the challenges. Can do the 9 straight chins ups and 5 pistols per leg now. Can't quite do the 49 straight push ups yet, most of my sets are 20's and some sets of 30's.


Jack Bravo said...

Nice. I was trying yesterday to do some, and I couldnt even do one! So 9 is pretty awesome. Nice...

LarryMat said...

Thanks Jack
Won't be breaking any world records soon-butit is nice to see progress