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Saturday, October 6, 2007

Catching up very slowly

sept-30-395,oct2-174,oct-3-216,oct4-244 total-44,929

Phil 412,720 - Larry-44,929

Well Phil's number hasn't gone up so I am assuming he hasn't posted in a while. Nonetheless-all the easier to catch him....

I started out on this quest to do a million push ups and chins up on Feb 10th of this year. Thought I should take stock of where I was. Almost 45 k so far. I had hoped to be close to 100k by the end of one year-but I would need to ramp it up to make this goal. Dividing the 44.9 k by 8 months ( it will be 8 months in a couple of days) I am doing a little over 5600 push ups/chins per month. Divide that number by 31 days in a month works out to about an average of 180 a day. I think I can push a little more and get that average over 200 a day. I started weighing 206 and now weigh 203 -so three pounds lost. Haven't really changed by diet really so that is not bad-but nobody is going to break my door down to write a weight loss book. At the end of August we went on holidays and :wine tours and bad eating had me back up to 212 so I have lost about 9 pounds since the begining of Sept-so when you look at it that way the push ups have been a fairly good weight maintanence strategy. Our Tanita scale says I have lost a percent of body fat-so I suppose that is even a little better. I tried the TRX Superman push ups again and I am able to do them now -sets of one or two reps. I don't think I got stronger in a day or two-I think it is a motor skills kind of thing. It is hard to get into the upright -extended position-pretty wobbly and hard to balance. However now once I can get into position I can do them. Anyway it is thanksgiving weekend so I should get a few good workouts in but that should be balanced out by an overindulgence in turkey and pumpkin pie. The push up numbers will go up but likely the weight will as well.

On another note we demolished the two houses next to to the Ronald McDonald House in Edmonton. We are starting the expansion of the house from 16 suites to 30 suites-big project-we will serve a lot more families each year. You can see some of the photos at:


Million said...

Hi Larry...It's Phil. You're right, I haven't been posting lately. I also haven't been doing pushups lately. I wanted to give you a chance to catch up. :)

Seriously though, my shoulder injury was more serious than I thought, so I laid off my pushups for a while. I've been doing physical therapy and I'm back to working on my goal.

LarryMat said...

Hey Phil
Sorry to hear that your shoulder is still healing. I noticed your two earlier posts this evening. I will correct the blog with the correct name