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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Over 50k

oct24-356,oct25-340,oct26-70,oct28-522,oct29-321, total 50,998

Phil-414,190 :Larry 50,998

I started doing the push ups and chins in February,about 8 months. On average that works out to about 6374 a month or about 205 a day (divided by 31 days). Not a bad average. I have been tracking my weight over the last year on fitday. During the last year the most I have weighed is 223.5 lbs and the lowest is 200.5. I don't know if anybody believes in the set point theory any more-but I think my set point has to be about 205 or something. My weight seems to fluctuate at around 203-205. As indicated above I have been lower during the last year-but everytime I get really close to the 200 point-I seem to get these intense cravings to eat lots of crap and I bump right up again. I am not likely to get to 100k by New Years-but I am determined to get as close as I can.


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Hi Larry,

It's Phil again. Nice job lately. I see you're really stepping it up. Keep it up and you'll pass me in a few years, no problem.