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Friday, November 9, 2007


OCt 30-181,Oct31-88,Nov3-370,Nov4-293,Nov6-217,Nov7-325,Nov 8-20 total 52,492

Phil:414,830-Larry 52,492

Thanks Jack and Phil for the comments below.

Things have been pretty hectic-so have had some good push up days and not so good days. We started a facebook group for the Edmonton House,so we would have one more tool to post pictures and show people what we are raising money for (the expansion of the house). We are revamping our website-and will soon have a link to our facebook group. So you will be able to check it out on the link to the right soon. In Calgary we hired a new Education Coordinator-to liase with our education partners in town and through out the province. Additionally the coordinator will do some teaching and tutoring for kids staying in the house.

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