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Sunday, January 6, 2008

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dec27-270,dec28-100,dec29-206,dec31-125 2007 total

jan 2-120,jan3-270,jan4-120 total 61,711

Well its a new year. Last year wasn't that bad for push ups and chin ups. The average per day was over 167 a day or 5100 per month. Respectable numbers to try to beat this year. Vegas was great-ate and drank way more than I needed. Hours of walking up and down the strip seemed to keep the weight from ballooning too much. Well new years is the time of resolutions. I am definately going to try to beat this years daily and monthly averages for push ups and chin ups to get me closer to my goal of a million. The push ups have mainly been about the "numbers" but this year I think I want to push the envelope a bit. I guess I want to use them to buff up a bit. I have never been able to see my abs-this is the year I am going to get a six pack. I think this is all about the numbers too. Last night I weighed myself on the tanita scale- 208.5 pounds with 20 percent bodyfat. I have read that you have to get down below 10 percent bodyfat to start seeing your abs. At the same lean bodyweight that means I need to get down to about 185. This is a weight I havent been close to since University. But this year I am going to do it. Basically That means losing 23.5 pounds of fat-or burning 82250 calories more than I eat (times 3500). I am going to do tons and tons of push ups and chins ( meets my long term goals as well as creates the calorie deficit). I will be using fitday to track calories eaten and burned. I will be reporting the weight and bodyfat here to keep me honest and to keep the pressure mentally to meet the goals. Who knows when I hit 10 percent I might even post some pictures.

So here we have it Jan 6 weight -208.5 bodyfat 20 percent
total push ups and chins 61,711

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