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Sunday, March 30, 2008


Mar29-300,Mar30-620 total 84,501
weight 200.5, bf%22
calories left 44038

Benjamin Disraeli: Action may not always bring happiness ... but there is no happiness without action.

Do you want to know how to do a one armed chin up? A handstand push up? A one armed handstand push up? Well there is a cool website:
The site has tutorials that show you how to work up to doing these feats and others. For me -I think I will stick to the regular push ups and chin ups for a while-but who knows what the future might bring. Clearly these things take some serious practice and some serious strength.

For anyone who wants to know how Usher got his abs. I found this post on the website below. Now to be honest I am a little to old to even know who Usher is, however I am sure with some laughter my kids could let me know. The article caught my attention because he routinely does 1000 crunches a day. Personally I am trying to build up a few more thousand push up days a week. The last time I did a thousand in a day my elbows were sore for days -so I am slowly building back up to it so I don't get some kind of injury that keeps me from working out at all
How does Usher get those abs?
Posted: Mar 24th 2008 3:46PM by Mary KearlFiled under: Fitness, Healthy Habits, Celebrities, Working In the Workouts, We Love To Gawk At Fit Celebs, Celebrity Fitzness Report, Body Bloggers
Well, after doing some serious celeb snooping to pick AOL Body's Hottest Bodies I found out more than enough celebrity diet and fitness secrets. Some were so not That's Fit/AOL Body approved (over yo-yo dieting and super-scary liquid diet weight loss are some of the culprits among female celebs). But Usher's dedication to ab workouts is pretty inspiring. When I found out he does 1000 crunches a day, I was really impressed. A friend of mine blew that off saying that doing 1000 crunches is nothing. So I tried it out myself and got tired after 300. Oh well, 1000 is something to work up to.

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