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Saturday, March 29, 2008

averaging 254

mar 27-310,mar28-450 total 83,581
weight 199.5 bf%22
calories left to burn 45680

"A real transformation begins on the inside, not in a bottle or a package. The magic is sitting inside you, just waiting to be let out. The transformation is a learning process, one that comes from realizing you control your destiny, and that you can accomplish whatever you decide you're going to accomplish." unknown

The daily average for this year is 254 push ups/chin ups per day. I am getting close to the point were I will be averaging more than 100 per day more than I did last year ( about 160)-A little simple math and that is 36500 more push ups than last year. I am trying to reach the point were I am averaging about 300 push ups/chins a day. Weight has once again dropped below 200, starting to see some noticable changes in my core-beneath the layer of fat you can almost see that I actually have abs. Of course you have to be at exactly the right angle and the light has to be just so -but-a little more fat lose and I will almost look athletic.

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