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Sunday, March 9, 2008

under 200 for a day or two

mar1-690,mar2-310,mar3-365,mar4-100,mar6-260,mar7-290,total 76,425
bodyweight 206.5 bf 20%
calories left to burn 56529

Earlier last week I was going to do a post. I was pretty happy to have weighed in at 198.5 lbs. The first time I had been below 200 in years. First time since university, maybe highh school that I had been that low. Anyway-went up to Edmonton for a couple of days and made a few too many trips to the breakfast buffet in the hotel and the price is evident on the scale. However I am still not quite over the high of getting below 200 and I know I can take these pounds right back off. The push up/chin up total cracked the 75k barrier so lets see how long it takes to get 100k. Today is Sunday so I am hoping to get a big push up number today and watch what I eat.

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