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Sunday, March 2, 2008

closing in on 75k

Feb24-225,Feb26-276,Mar1-690 total 74,410
weight 202.5 bf 20%
calories left to burn 60493

It was a fairly busy week with work -three cities in five days. This didn't help the eating and working out patterns. Since the last time I posted I have only brought the calorie count down a couple of hundred. I was feeling the need for a little bit of catch up yesterday so did 650 push ups and 40 chins (690). This week is pretty hectic as well-hopefully I will be a little better at keeping the push up/chins numbers higher and make some better choices off the menu's. Good news is I am probably less than a week away from 75,000 push ups and chins. After doing a day last month were I did 1000 push ups/chins in one day -days were I do 200 or less seem like I am dogging it. However the days where I do over 500 -I really feel it in my shoulders the next day. I'm going to try to get 300's most days with the occasional 1000 for the next little while-see if my body adapts. Last year I did a little over 61000 push ups/chins. This works out to a daily average 0f 168 per day. This year so far (in 61 days) I have done 13,209 push ups/chins for a daily average of about 216. If I keep this rate up I will do over 78,000 this year. I really believe it is pretty realistic to push this daily average up. Given my progress so far I think a daily average of 250 is pretty realistic.

Jack Bravo-are you still out there? Who did you sell your website to?

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