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Sunday, April 13, 2008


Apr11-60,Apr12-370 total chins &push ups -88,631
weight 197 bf 21%
calories left to burn 43242

We would accomplish many more things if we did not think of them as impossible.
C. Malesherbes

Went to the funeral for Parker a 6 year old who struggled with cancer for about three years. Parker and his mother Alex stayed at the house for over a year. The funeral was a SuperHero theme. Everyone attending was to wear some type of Superhero garb or costume. The theme was surprisingly fitting. Alex had prepared a powerpoint of various shots of Parker,family friends etc. As I was watching the photos-it struck me what a good job she had done packing every moment of his short life with as many memories and opportunities as she could. If special guests or celebrities were at the house or the hospital-Alex was at the front of the line with Parker. She was always finding opportunities to do interesting things with Parker. I know Alex feels pretty fortunate to have had Parker-but with how short his life was in a lot of ways he was very fortunate to have a mother like Alex. May our Superhero's stay in our memories for ever.

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