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Monday, May 5, 2008

200 pound barrier

May4-345 total push ups/chins 94,764
weight 201,bf 20%
calories left to burn 56000

Water continually dropping will wear hard rocks hollow.

Having a bit of a hard time staying below this damned 200 pound barrier. My wife has observed that in a given day or two -I seem to have about a four or five pound swing in weight. This 4-or 5 pound swing was hovering around 214-210 neat Christmas. Lately it has been swinging between low two hundreds to mid 190's. So if my wife is right, and she usually is-I should just relax and keep trying to "swing" to a new low-as overall the top end of the swing seems to be working its way down also. My daily average number of chins/push ups has dropped a little as well-due to some missed days-averaging around 266 a day( since the beginning of the calender year). I suppose you could say this is helping my weight loss either.

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