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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

back under 200 -barely

may 7-300, total 95,064
weight 199.5 bf %20
calories left to burn 49707

Success is going from failure to failure without a loss of enthusiam. Winston Churchill,13190,Smith_082405,00.html

This is a link to an article by Stew Smith. A couple of years ago I lost 60 pounds over the period of about a year, mostly by watching what I was eating ( obsessively as my wife would say with fitday) and doing Stew's Navy Seals programs-lots of push ups and chins. I started out weighing about 260-got a little under 200. In the article he recommends doing 200 push ups a day. Even if you are on some other kind of program. Usually if you are on some other kind of program they recommend breaking up the body parts. Stew observes that in basic training recruits do hundreds of push ups every day and get stronger by the end of basic training. I have kind of noticed that this kind of program seems to work for me. I have done all sorts of types of workouts thru the years,but I only seem to look noticably fitter if I stick to a program with hundreds of push ups/chins a day. Kind of flyes in the face of prevelant fitness dogma. However this is what seems to work. Anyway really going to try to burn significantly more calories over the next two weeks. Going to aim for 1000 calories a day greater burn than consumption.

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