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Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Oct,9-320,oct10-70,oct11-60,oct 14-411
total push ups and chins 128,405
We are doing renovations at home. Having near floors,counters and tiles put in. We opted to paint before the flooring was installed and do all the demo to get ready for the trades coming in to do the real work. It has been weeks of painting and ripping out flooring, carpet etc. The demo is pretty good exercise but after work then a few hours of renovation each night-a guy doesn't feel a lot like doing a bunch of push ups/chins. Tonight I did 411 push ups and chins in a little less than a half an hour. Kind of m way of jumping back on the wagon. The floor guys started this morning. The house is a mess, nothing but plywood under foot-but I am back on the wagon again. Here's hoping for a big number tomorrow night.

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