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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Gifts not to get your wife

Total push ups/chins 138,531
weight 207.5 bf %21
Since New Years last year, my wife Cathy has been working out with me fairly regularly. The last few weeks since we did renos( and right now she is away visiting her sister)-we haven't been working out together too often. Last night my daughter mentioned to Cathy that we had been working out together since she had been away. Cathy told her she was hoping to get back into working out together. That got me thinking while I was out shopping today. For the last little while I have been getting push ups and chins done here and there. Mostly I have been playing around with the kettlebells quite a bit. I was grabbing some stuff from the local Walmart and I come across a ten pound kettlebell. I figure -I should try to get Cathy hooked on the 'bells. I think she could probably handle something heavier than ten pounds-but I also know that if I have her over do it at first-she will hate the 'bells and not want to continue. So anyway I buy her the kettlebell. Not for Christmas or anything I just bought it. Now I know she won't be particularly excited with this -I use the term "gift'' loosely-but I know she will try it. However I know there is an inherent risk here. Men should never buy their wife fitness equiptment unless their wife expressly and in writing requests it. Years ago when I was a teenager ( my wife and I were High school sweethearts) Cathy says I would like to get in shape-we should workout together. Men can be fairly thick when it comes to how women percieve their weight, and Cathy wasn't or isn't overweight. So with that in mind I thought nothing of buying her a sit up board for Valentines day. Now I was only 16 or 17 at the time, and clearly can see now how foolish this was. However over two decades later-the sit up board story still comes up every now and again. Believe me Cathy says lots of nice things about me-but this story is never told as a story of endearment. Anyway the kettlebell seemed like a really good idea-but then again so did the sit up board at the time. I will let you know how it goes.

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