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Friday, January 16, 2009

50 straight


total push ups/chins 149,681

weight 203.6 bf%22.0
Well if this is the first time you stumbled on this blog site-I'll give you a bit of an update. I have goals in my personal life,goals in my professional life. Once you hit your 40's your body starts being able to do less of what it was able to do in your twenties. Somehow that doesn't seem quite fair and part of me thinks it doesn't have to be true. I figured I needed some kind of goal-aimed at proving it didn't have to be so. I stumbled across the blog one million push ups (link over on the left). Jack wanted to do a million push ups in his lifetime. Perfect goal-I could do that. It was a goal that would not quickly or easily be accomplished-it would take some persistance. The total above is where I am at in the quest for one million. Every chin ups I do counts as one, every push ups I do counts as one. So unlike Jack's blog where he is counting only push ups-I am counting push ups or chin ups.
On another note I tested my maximum for push ups( in a row). Yesterday I did 50 straight. Around New Years I thought I could probably do about 40-but when I tested myself I could only do straight sets of 30. 50 straight-halfway to one of my New Years goals.

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