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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

500 push ups minimum

Jan 5-500,Jan6-500, Jan 7-550

Total push ups /chins 145,812

weight 201.4, bf%24.6

After reading the article below about the 53 year old guy who does a minimum of 500 or most days over 1000 push ups I am feeling a little bit like a panty waist. Shamed into feeling that if I really have a goal of doing a million chin ups/push ups -I better up the volume a bit. If a 53 year old can do 1000 push ups a day I can surely match his daily minimum. I have read the Jack LaLanne set a world record at 45 by doing 1000 push ups and 1000 chin ups in an hour and 22 minutes - so at 44 I suppose there is lots of hope left. Jhoon Rhee the man credited with bringing Tae Kwon Do to North America is reported to have been doing 1000 push ups a day when he was 71 ( I don't know how old he is now-the guy will probably live forever at that rate). Here's to lots of push ups for years to come

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