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Saturday, January 3, 2009

More on New Years Goals

Jan 2-560

Push ups/chin ups total 143,177

weight 205.4 bf%24.8
Just after Christmas I bought one of the new Tanita scales. We had one of the first ones they made (I think it was one of their first models) had it for about ten years. The new one measures bodyweight to a tenth of a pound instead of a half pound. BF percentage is the same-measures to a tenth a percent instead of one half a percent. The scale also measures bone mass, hydration, metabolic age. Pretty handy and accurate way to obsess about your weight and bodyfat.....
Further to my New Years goals, I figure to make the goal of 100 consecutive chins is going to take quite a bit of work. The good news is I tested myself yesterday and I figured I could do 10 straight. Well I can actually do 11-a ways from 100 -but better than I thought. I am assuming if I get my weight down a bit I will be more likely to make the goal (less weight to lift -equals more chins ups). Fitday has this cool feature where you can create a target weight and a goal date and it will help calculate the calorie deficit you need to make the goal. Above is an example of the graph it creates to help you track your progress. You can't quite tell on this image, but the graph had a second line that indicates your actual weight relative to the trend line you need to match to meet your goal. Part of the reason you can't see the second line on this chart is that I only set the goal up yesterday and there are only two data points visible (barely). My goal is to get to 185 by the time I am going to do my 100 chins ups, 100 push ups test (next New Years). Each day I only need about a 200 calorie deficit to make the goal-however to be honest I haven't been at this weight since University (maybe High School). The 200 calorie a day deficit shouldn't be any big problem-the consistency will. That is the possibilty of having one of those "what the hell days" where you eat 1200 calories more than you burn.

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