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Friday, January 2, 2009

New Years Goals

Dec31-220, Jan,1 -335.
total push ups and chins 142,617
2008 has ended and I have added a total of 81081 to my push ups/chin ups total. That works out to an average of 222 chins/push ups a day. Both of these numbers are an improvement on last years total of 61,201 or average of 167 per day. This is definately an improvement to be proud of buy I know I can bring both the yearly total and the average up-and will this year. This year at New Years dinner (Cathy had told us in advance that she was going to have us each do this) we all had to list a goal or several goals for the year. Not a resolution a goal , and the goal had to be measureable. Two of the goals I chose that relate to the goal of doing a million push ups and chin ups was to "be able to do 100 consectutive chin ups and 100 consectutive push ups. I figure 100 push ups is hard but achievable. ( I can probably do sets of 40 consectutive push ups). The chin ups will take some serious work as currently I can do sets of 10 consecutive-100 is a long way off.

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