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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Revised Goals

May 1-210,may 3-430,may4-704,may5-870
total push ups/chins 177,643
weight 198.6 bf% 22.4
Above is my updated fitday weight goal chart. Tomorrow it is going to look a little different. While I was out of town last week. Our family conspired against me to try to cancel our family biggest loser contest. They had decided that no one was losing weight and we should cancel the contest. When we talked about it -it seemed that everyone had lost 7 or 8 pounds. A few of our families members had lost more but had gained it back and were hovering around 7 pounds down. We decided that we were still all making progress-so instead of ending the contest on May 15th -we would extend it to July 1st. As we have extended the deadline I have revised my goal (and the graph in Fitday ) to take me down to 185. Now I haven't weighted this little since I was in High School-so it will be a bit of a stretch for me.

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