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Monday, May 11, 2009

site counter

may 6-1000,may 9-100,may 10-110
total push up/chins 178,853
weight 205.4,bf%21.4
Sometime in January I added a site counter over to the left to see how many people were visiting this blog. The number on the left says that 2489 people have visited this blog-well that could be a lot of the same people visiting it more than once I suppose. Sometime around April the site counter that I had on my blog just stopped working. I didn't notice for a while, but when you click onto "stats' you realize that the last visitor the thing logged was about mid April. I have added a new site counter and started the count where the last counter stopped. Not that any off this has a lot to do with my goal to do a million push ups/chins.

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