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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

under 200

MAy 24-340,may25-310,may26-340,may 27-440
total push ups/chins 182,800
weight 199.8 bf%21.6
I have been a liitle more consistent this week with push ups, chins and other workouts. Got the weight back down slightly under the 200 pound mark. To up the calorie burn I have been hitting the heavy bag, jumping rope or swinging the kettlebells each day in addition to push ups and chins. All three of these things get the heart rate up-but in general I am not a big fan of cardio . Somehow these activities feel a little more like "manly" cardio than an eliptical machine or something like that-and when I am talking about jumping rope I am thinking like a boxer not like a school girl.

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