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Monday, July 20, 2009

Afternoon of longboarding-call it crosstraining

July 16-150,July18-361,july 19-255
total push ups/chins 194,352
weight 201 bf%22.3
Took the day off work today to go long -boarding with, Joey, my youngest son. For those of you who don't know a longboard is just a skateboard (it is as the name says very long). We were out on the pathways around my home town for about 3 1/2 hours. Not skating the whole time, most of the time ,with a short stop for lunch and the occassional stop to watch the river flow or catch our breath. The long boards glide quite a bit, so you don't have to keep pumping your legs to keep them going -just a couple of pushes and then you can glide for quite a bit. Nonetheless it is still quite a work out. I am sure I will be sore by tomorrow. It seems more anaerobic than aerobic because the boards do keep going for quite a while. Being a bit of an old man who is not too coordinated -to my sons surprise and I am sure embarassment -I took two spills that resembled face plants. Lucky for me I was wearing a helmet- and somehow doing a shoulder role instead of continuing forward or should I say faceward -as I am falling -seems to be instinctive. Anyway I did plant firmly on my palms twice. My hands are a little thrashed up-but mostly I am worried that they feel like I might have broken or cracked a bone or two in my hand. I can still type so they can't be that bad.

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