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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Goals by New Years

July 14-79, july15-470
total push ups/chins 193,586
weight 199 bf% 22.3
As indicated in the post below to make my goal of 200k by New Years I need to do about 42 push ups/chins a day, to make a quarter million push up/chins I need to do about 345 per day. Just so I don't burn myself out I am going to alternate a heavy day with a light day. That is one day I am going to try to do more than 42 push ups and/or chin ups. On the alternate day I am going to try to make or beat 345 a day. I am going to try to beat the average I need per day so that I still make one of the goals despite needing to take the occasional day off altogether. As I can do a lot more push ups than I can do chins I will probably focus on chins on the "light" day and push ups on the "heavy" day.

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