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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Viva Las Vegas

total push ups/chins 196,341
weight 198.6 bf%22.7
We are off to Vegas at the end of the week. We are on a plane for a long weekend -taking the kids and thier boyfriends,husbands etc. Ironically we are not really gamblers at all-so there will likely be little of that- the odd coin in a slot I suppose. Usually we all go out to Penticton, and stay at a cabin in OK falls. Steph and Travis do Ironman and we watch. This year they decided to take a break -leaving us without plans for the week. We were having trouble getting everybody to go away at the same time so we just decided-lets get everyone to head out to Vegas. Probably the only push ups I will do as of Friday will be pushing up and away from the buffet table. Viva Las Vegas

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