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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Back to the Grind

July31-aug4 -45
total push ups/chins 196,386
weight 201.8 bf% 19.1%
Well Vegas was great. I had been feeling a little lower back pain before the trip, so I decided to just take a break from push ups and chins altogether, I did a total of 45 push ups since last Friday. Despite all you can eat buffets and a great deal of indulgence overall, mostly eating -I only put on a few pounds. We didn't really do any gambling to speak of-threw a dollar here and there into the penny slots. Mostly wanted to see as much as we could see. This involved lots and lots of walking up and down the strip. I knew the girls would want to do lots of shopping and everyone would want to go to shows and see all the attractions (or as much as you could see in 5 days). I took a pedometer with me and wore it when we were on the strip. Each day we walked somewhere between 15,000 and 20,000 steps. This explains why despite lots of food I only gained a little bit of weight and actually dropped a couple percent bodyfat. We must of averaged about 10 kilometers of walking a day if not more. Ironically,I have a hard time getting below 20 percent bodyfat- I guess this goes to show-I probably could benefit from some low intensity cardio. The heat in Vegas was amazing-it was over 100 degrees everyday (107 was the highest). At that tempature even the wind is hot, not something you are used to in Canada. Walking in the shade doesn't help much either. Anyway back to the grind.

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