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Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Sept 15-550

total push ups/chins 205,475

weight 198.8 bf%22

The charts above are off of The two charts represent the last 30 days. I have been using fitday-which I like -but this website has some interesting features. The top chart represents bodyfat. The cool thing about the chart is the trend line. My bodyfat percentage is up and down so much, and never really seems to go much below 20 percent, which frankly I don't like so much. The green space/triangles or whatever represent good days where my bodyfat is going down. The pinks triangles are bad-the days where I have probably eaten way more than I need.Obviously the goal is to have as much green as you can and as little pink as possible.As I mentioned before on a day to day basis my bf is so up and down you would get the impression that I wasn't doing so well-but the trend line overall shows that my bodyfat is going downward on a 30 day basis. Not so bad huh? The second graph is overall weight. Same rules apply green is good pink is bad. In general the trend is going upward, which is not really my goal. I have kept looking at this chart over the last thirty days- and it is a little depressing, but then I discovered the bodyfat chart. The two combined together suggest my weight is going up and BF is going down. If your weight is going up and your bodyfat is going down -you must me adding muscle right? Not too bad. I don't think my bones are getting a lot heavier.
By the way the website address is:

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