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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Lalanne's record unbroken

oct5-260,oct7-100,oct9-100 oct10-220,oct11-143,oct12-600,oct13-318
total push ups/chins 212,331
weight 195, bf%21.8
Below is a link to an article about Jack Lalanne's nephew. On the occassion of his uncles 95th birthday he tried to break his uncles record of 1000 chin ups and 1000 push ups in one hour 22 minutes.
He didn't quite make it-record stands.
It was thanksgiving in Canada this past weekend. Despite the usual feast and festivity, I managed to keep a handle on the weight gain. Sunday the day we had our family thanksgiving meal- I didn't eat all day, saved it up for turkey and pumpkin pie.

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