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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Food Inc

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There wasn't anything at the video store last night so we grabbed a copy of Food, Inc. I wasn't expecting to be all that entertained by the dvd, but it sure was educational. The dvd is all about how our food supply is controled by a very small number of corporations and how the fast food industry has shaped how our food is produced. Interesting fact from the movie. "the biggest predictor of obesity is income level. It makes sense in a way but the movie shows you why this is. Another interesting theme in the movie is the use of corn. Almost everything we eat that has been prepared or produced in some way has corn or something made from corn in it. The movie goes to show the economic and financial reasons why this is the case- and why this is really not all that good for us. The dvd is worth a watch , even if it is only on a night where there is nothing else let at the video store left to watch.

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