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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Cluster Reps

Apr 14-938,Apr15-150,Apr17-820,apr18-403,apr20-340 apr 21-1189
total push ups/chins 275,948
weight 189.6 bf 18%
It has been a week since I posted-but I am hitting some better daily push up numbers this week. I was reading an article on t-nation by Christian Thibaudeau about "cluster reps". I figured I should be able to do sets of cluster reps with chins and push ups. Essentially I am doing more sets of 100 or more of chins and push ups instead of lots of smaller sets 25's ,30's and eventually wearing down to sets of 10 or 15. I have been picking a number say 100, doing maybe 30 or 40 push ups resting 3 to 10 seconds doing 10 or 15 more, resting 3 seconds doing 10 more. Well you get it ,anyway doing sets of 100 or 120 push ups or chins that way. I am able to do these extended sets or cluster reps and get a half dozen sets of 100 ranked out in in lot less time than it would take me to do the same number of reps in smaller reps. It is exhausting but I am getting some "bigger number " days logged as a result. Christian Thibaudeau's articles can be found on:\

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