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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A little tenderness- arm tenderness that is

June20-413,june22-135,june24-270,june27-270,june29-270,july 1-270,july3 -125,july4-205,july5-43,july7-43

total push ups/chins 299,574
weight 190, bf% 17.6
I am taking it a bit slower these days. I appear to have injured by bicep. If I over do it- it hurts where the biceps meets the forearm. Just so I don't get to a point where I can't do chin ups at all -I have been trying to do chins and push ups every second day or so. I have also been trying to keep the numbers down at a reasonable level, again just so I don't over do it. I am sure in a few says I will be up to higher number but in the mean time low numbers are better than "no" numbers.


cyberfitz said...

Larry, I have the same problem with my right arm. It helps me to do some push ups first to warm up. I concentrate on good form and not jerking. This after taking about a week off. Good luck to you and keep going when you can.

LarryMat said...

thanks for the advice- I probably could use a little more time off.